Executive Producer & Writer
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Client: L/STUDIO for Lexus
Studio: Imaginary Forces
Director: Mark Gardner

Writer / Strategist

When L/Studio and Lexus were launching their new online channel, we were invited to pitch show ideas — this was an ideal opportunity to create compelling content with a great client. 

I was involved from the very beginning in concept development, crafting the pitch, writing treatments, researching our subjects, and writing scripts.

Three of our series concepts were selected for production, one of which was called Lines. In Lines, each episode is about an everyday object we might not pay attention to but that holds a fascinating story (The Desk, The High Heel, The Parking Structure, The Lens, and The Elevator).

Personally, I've always been a little obsessed with the design of parking structures, so getting to do a short film on them was especially exciting to me.

You can watch the Lines series here.