Executive Producer & Writer

Brand Jordan

Client: Jordan Brand China
Agency: AKQA Shanghai
Agency Executive Producer

I had the great opportunity to work with AKQA Shanghai and Jordan Brand China to tell the story of Guo Ailun, the first Chinese baller in the elite Jordan family.

As AKQA’s ECD, Eric Cruz, describes the film:

“TEARS is Guo Ailun’s life journey manifested through various individuals — from a newborn’s first cry to a toddler’s first fall, to a high school boy grappling with defeat and rejection, to a college player overtaken by ridicule and self-doubt, to a teenage girl struggling with frustration from injury, to a street baller who finds the courage within and gives his all to strike back, opening the path to Guo Ailun taking the game-winning shot, sharing his tears of joy in this momentous and emotional victory. We use sweat and tears as the creative force to illustrate how much one needs to fully invest towards true love and passion.

His relentless love for the game not only pushes Guo to succeed, his story fuels the whole of China to dedicate themselves in pursuit of greatness. This film is an exploration of the force that motivates and moves us all, the spirit that drives us to rebel, to fly and to continue becoming better versions of ourselves.”

As Agency EP, I managed production from start to finish, including budgeting, scheduling, production and post partner selection, and team management. It was an incredible experience, especially having the chance to work with such an incredible brand and team for this massively impressive market.