Executive Producer & Writer
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USA Characters Welcome


Client: USA
Studio: Imaginary Forces
Director: Brian Mah

Writer, Strategist, Executive Producer

It's hard to remember a time before USA was Characters Welcome or visually defined by clean live action plates and simple graphics — when the package was all graphic and based on the stripes of the American flag.

It was such an honor to be part of the team that developed and produced the groundbreaking Characters Welcome package in 2006. With it we embraced the brand's positioning that USA is not a symbol; it's us, and we are stories... we created a canvas for those stories, details, quirks, and individual, unique moments and personalities to shine.

One of my favorite facts about the Characters Welcome brand is that in less than six months after it launched, USA became the number one cable network in the U.S. with almost no changes to programming. The power of a new identity...