Executive Producer & Writer
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Client: Lifetime
Studio: Imaginary Forces
Director: Brian Mah

Writer, Strategist, Executive Producer

Over the course of my early career in network branding, I often worked with Lifetime to create, update, and reinvent their brand identity and voice.  

The first time, our concept for the network was based on the idea of a woman's journal, and we developed an incredibly strong, broad package that spoke to all women in the target demographic. I wrote the strategy for this concept as well as the scripts for a series of interstitials called, In My Lifetime... Fun fact: I was one of four voices for the brand, so when you heard an announcer say, "You're watching Lifetime. Television for Women," it was probably me.

Several years later, we were asked to develop a new brand identity that was firmly grounded in the idea of Lifetime being a place for relatable women's stories.

Our solution: let everyone describe their stories on their terms with the set up "MY STORY IS...." It was fun to imagine all the ways this could go... My Story is Ridiculous, My Story is Heartwarming, My Story is about my Grandmother, My Story is Just Getting Started... My Story is on Lifetime. You can watch our official anthem here.

In the director's cut (below), we deviated from that system a bit because we got such rich (and hilarious) material when we asked the talent about their stories... we decided to have some more fun.